House in a dream, spiritual meaning of house in dreams

House in a dream, spiritual meaning of house in dreams

To see a house in a dream means

to symbolically see what the structure of life is, the course of current affairs or future events that relate to personal life. I dream about the house more often than others.

If the house is high, your position will become more stable and your status will be higher. The height of the building is the status, the «height of the position» of those who live in such a house.

The house in the dream is beautiful and rich — to prosperity, financial well-being.

A big house, huge — opportunities, potential, scope in life. Moreover, the desired will be possible. The number of rooms may indicate the number of family members. Usually the number of bedrooms is the same.

A white, light, alabaster house — for joyful events and happiness in the family. Often the appearance of the house coincides with the real one. It is also taken into account that the dream could be about future events.

Childhood home, father’s house — to an event that will somehow bring you back to the past. Something from the past may happen again.

An empty house dreams of disappointment or loneliness. Sometimes empty houses are dreamed of before the tenants leave them.

Multi-storey buildings are people. There are many people who are united by only one thing — they live in a certain territory. Just next to each other.
A lot of houses in a dream means the same thing. The only difference is that high-rise buildings symbolize a more formal relationship (formal), and private houses on the same street are closer, perhaps related, friendly or partner. Sometimes dreams about events on the street predict the events of one of the neighbors.

Similarly, high-rise buildings or streets with houses in dreams can simply mean themselves. That is, the dream information will directly or indirectly relate to these places or people living there.

Being in a closed house or room is a hopeless situation, a difficult period of life. A very good dream will be where you managed to find a way out of an enclosed or enclosed space. In reality, a way out will be found soon in the same way.

To leave your home, to leave it is a desire, indeed, to leave home. If there was information in a dream that you were leaving the house «light» or with «heavy bags», you can immediately understand: for a short time, for a long time or forever you are leaving it. In dreams, it is very clear that even before going on vacation, a person leaves the house with a suitcase or a travel bag. When he takes all his things out of the house, a dream means that this person can change his place of residence. Or leave for a long time.

To sell a house in a dream is to completely change your life, lifestyle. For example: people sell their old houses in their dreams before getting divorced or getting married. Why? Because this way the subconscious mind can show what they are saying goodbye to. And what they change it for. That is, at about the same time there will be other dreams in which they «buy» a new house. There are also other situations in life that are visible in dreams through the purchase and sale of houses.

If the house is cramped in a dream – losses, losses. This is an indication of «straitened circumstances.»

Going into a new house is a big change. Sometimes, literally, a «new life» is visible. Here the indication is precisely for the action of «entering the house», since in the mental world thresholds, doors, gates, arches are all boundaries of states that indicate the transition from «before» to «after».

If you enter a beautiful house, the changes are good and significant. If the house is ugly, with flaws, bad changes. Or just for the worse.

If someone comes into your house in a dream, then the same person will appear soon. He will make himself felt, want to talk, get in touch, and so on. It depends on what he did next in his sleep.

A fire, a burnt house, a burning house

— all these are signs of great changes, changes in relationships and in the lives of the household at home. Fires are somehow connected with high-profile scandals, trials, quarrels. And since only ashes remain from the conflagration, sleep may indicate the destruction of some kind of relationship between the household. Sometimes you can see the divorces like that.

A strange house or a stranger in a dream indicates someone else’s life. According to the plot of the dream, you will be able to determine what relationship you have to this, as well as what the consequences are.

If someone else’s house is in the dream of a person you know, consider that you have peeked into his life and affairs. Everything you see in a dream is happening now or in the near future in his life.

The house of a loved one is almost the same: you will «see what is happening in his life now and symbolically be able to see his inner world, mood.» Even everyday affairs and ordinary events. Especially if you practice dreaming. In the mental world, there is access to such information in dreams. The walls are not a hindrance there. Setting up, focusing your attention on an object or subject — and information will easily begin to flow to you.

If in a dream someone else’s house belongs to strangers, then everything that happens to you in a dream in this house will indicate possible changes in you because of other people. You can also get into an unfamiliar situation with people you don’t know (at the time of sleep).

The enemy’s house. If you are passive in a dream, you thus see the state of his affairs in a dream (you can consider that you are peeping into his life). If you are doing something in the enemy’s house, contacting the characters of the dream, then the dream can «show» future events. Moreover, a one-on-one meeting with these people is not required afterwards. Events in business, the information space and in any other way are possible.

A stranger in your home is a prototype of a real person — a stranger or an outsider.

Someone else’s house is on fire — noisy news, news about a scandal, the troubles of those people whose house was before the dream.

To clean (tidy up), to wash the floors in someone else’s house — you will be asked for help and you will provide it.

A mess and a mess in the house. If you feel some kind of discrepancy in life with what is happening, it seems to you that you are not in time for something, or, conversely, you are waiting for changes, but they do not come in any way, you will dream of a mess in the house, a mess.

Living in someone else’s house means the same thing as living someone else’s life. It is possible that for some reason you will devote yourself to another person or people for a while. That is, you will somehow take part in the lives of these people.

An old and dilapidated house is an «old» life, old attitudes, habits, beliefs. If they want to destroy such a house, demolish it, remove it – a rejection of the past. You want to forget and leave out your old life for some personal reason.

To see the house of parents, old people, relatives – news about them. If they have already died, then such old houses of relatives in dreams symbolize some kind of connection with the past. With family, family or clan history, habits, values.

If the old house in a dream is strange, ugly, gloomy – the past that weighs on you still does not give you peace, you cannot come to terms with something in the past. If an ugly strange house suddenly transformed in a dream, you can use your life experience as a lesson and adjust your life for the better. This is how the transformation of experience can be seen.

To leave your old home is to be away from the past, close the door and cross the line.

To look for your old home and not find it – the impossibility of returning to the past .

To see old acquaintances or people from the past in an old house – you will hear news about them. The information may be relevant to them.

The old wooden house symbolizes the difficulties of life in the past. The part of your life that was not simple or easy for you. To buy an old house in a dream is to return to those positions in life that you have long passed.

A dream about old houses points to your past or other people’s, depending on the context of the dream.

As a rule, old and abandoned houses mean people from the past.

Dilapidated old foreign houses can symbolically point to the elderly. To try to enter such a house is to look for meetings or to try to find out something about an old acquaintance.

Dugouts are humiliation and poverty.

Parental, father’s house — to hear from relatives or about relatives. The same thing happens if you dream about the house of your grandmother, grandfather or some other relatives. Also, the whole context of the dream should be taken into account.

Kicking someone out of the house leads to a quarrel or breakup of a relationship. Do not confuse the symbols of such dreams with those dreams that you see in moments of quarrels and worry. If such events took place in the coming days, then you are just unloading your psyche, and it was a mental replay.

Guests in the house — to the news, to the appearance of certain people.

A clean house in a dream is a harbinger of well-being, fulfillment of desires and contentment with life from all this. It is also a direct indication that your household is healthy and happy.

Rain in the house leads to quarrels, scandals and strong emotions.

Snow in the house dreams of a breakup of relationships and a cooling of feelings.

Icons in the house are a sign of help, and quite definite in a difficult matter or in times of turmoil. What is the saint on the icon — such will be the help, unless, of course, nothing bad happened to the icon in a dream.

The foundation of the house is strong and durable, you dream of favorable circumstances for starting a new business, which you will soon take up.

If the house collapsed or fell, unfortunately.

Smoke in the house leads to a very loud scandal and public proceedings.

To see an unfinished house is the collapse of your plans, impossible dreams. Sometimes this is how the process of real construction is visible (if there is one at the time of sleep).

Building a house in a dream — plans for the future. They often have such dreams before getting married. And less often, the option when building a house is a real construction or purchase of a new house.

The ruins of the house are the collapse of your former life.

The explosion of the house is a dream of an accident, a tragic event.

Hiding in the house is to find support from family and friends in a difficult situation when something threatens you.

A house in the village means a quiet, peaceful life.

Log house without Windows — to the death of the person for whom the log house was built, made.

An abandoned house indicates certain aspects of your life that you have overlooked, do not pay attention to them, but subconsciously you cannot get rid of them, because there is something unfinished by you or unresolved for yourself in some aspects.

A red brick house dreams of wealth and prosperity in your family.

You dream of a house in a dream grass if you lose sight of something important, do not control the situation, and this is unacceptable, as it will lead to sad consequences and troubles. Wake up from a dream in life!

A flooded house in a dream indicates future events that will cause fear and despair of the situation. They will occur due to external factors. As a rule, such dreams are dreamed in advance, that is, there is still time before the event itself.

A lot of guests in the house — for a noisy event that everyone will talk about and it will concern the family or relatives.

Kicking strangers and strangers out of the house means that your life is being interfered with and not given rest. After such a dream, you can safely decide to end your relationship with annoying people or, at least, limit your communication and connections.

A tottering house in a dream means a threat to the position of the family and home.

A dream about a former house. This is how your past life is visible. As a rule, something recurring from that life that worries or rises up again now. Very often, dreams about the former house are dreamed in connection with experiences that have not been able to get rid of since then to the present.

Or vice versa, you want to repeat something pleasant in the past and return it to yourself. The positive and negative aspects of an event are easily identified by emotions in a dream.

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