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The Magickum Sport Fortune blog


This fortune sport blog is updated daily with the aim of making affirmations on a chosen team that will be playing the very next day. To see results in our dreams, affirmation will be made before going to bed, with the aim of seeing the results (the score) in our dreams.

Attention! Look for an active affirmation on Magickum’s BLOG!

The blog will also be updated daily with some basic information such as which teams will be playing, the time and date of the event.

No matter the number of active affirmations made on that day, you can still use the Magickum Sport Fortune affirmation.You can train your perception with different tasks at the same time because story of dreams after sport fortune affirmation will be compactable.

What will our dream consist of? In our dream we will be looking at the results of the forthcoming event — the scores and the winners.

The results and classification of the event will be based on a chronological order in the dream.This could be in the sequence of numbers or a numerical value you saw in your dream.

I do accept suggestion about forthcoming events.

To suggest, please leave in the comment section: the name of the event (game) and information about it (the time and date of the event, its participants).

This has to be done 24 hours prior to the event. (Preferable if sent days before).
(Example: If you want to suggest a game taking place the next day, please send your request before 12 pm prior to the event happening the next day.)

Also to join us in the affirmation of «Sport fortune», please leave a comment with text of affirmation and your name.

Please send your story of dream before 12 pm next day after a night of action affirmation.


Time zone: Moscow.

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25 Мар19:00 EATФарерские о-ва   v   Лихтенштейн



Attention! Look for an active affirmation on Magickum’s BLOG!

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