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The meaning of a man in dreams, spiritual meaning of a man in dreams

The meaning of a man in dreams, spiritual meaning of a man in dreams

The main meaning of the symbol «man in a dream» is a man.

That is, a certain real man or an aspect of him.

In dreams, a significant information load is carried by: emotions, perception, feelings, sensations, sometimes knowledge — that is pure information. Behavior, manners, words, any feelings and sensations that come from a man in a dream — all this can happen again in a real life situation. And in this way, the relationship with a specific character or events in the life of the man you saw can be «visible».

If you saw a man in a dream, the main factor for decoding is determining his involvement with you. That is: familiar, unfamiliar, alien.

Familiar. If a man is familiar to you, known, a dream may indicate events in his life. In this case, you will witness the events of the dream plot. That is, there will be no interactions between you in a dream.

The second option is events that concern both of you. In this case (and in a dream), communication, interactions, contacts, conversations will occur between you, even any signs of verbal communication count. By analogy, in real life there will be an identical communication in nature. Here, when interpreting a dream, one can take into account the «scheme of the event» of the dream.

If the dream character is from a very distant past, the interpretation of a «person from the past» or a former one is appropriate. See it in the dream book separately.

Strange men. There are two possible interpretations. The first one symbolically reflects the business, financial, and work spheres in dreams — this is the so-called «social aspect of personality.» They most often characterize the state of affairs at work, finances, business ideas, and the ability to solve problems in society.

«Male character traits or manifestations of character «like a man», «like a man» — if they manifest themselves in women in a dream. For example: when a woman has certain masculine features of appearance, manners, is dressed or behaves like a man in a dream.

The second option. Unfamiliar men in dreams can mean a real person whom you have not yet (at the time of sleep) met, that is, the man is unknown, because he is still unknown, but will be known in the future.

If the stranger in such a dream was pleasant and handsome, courteous, then everything will be fine. A person will also be pleasant to you in some way (they will like certain actions towards you).

Pleasant, statuesque, neat and well-dressed, endearing, as well as beautiful men in dreams mean good news, news, often — solving issues in your favor, useful business contacts and profitable business. That is, everything here is also a rule of interpretation of dreams: sensation, perception, including emotional ones, are not encrypted into symbols. And your «feeling» of communicating and meeting a man in life will be the same in reality.

A strange man. If there was an understanding in a dream that a man is a stranger, he is also a «stranger» in life.

Now the decoding of some sets of symbols.

If you had a dream about dwarf, dense, strong man

Dwarf men are rudimentary connections, projects, and denied inner abilities.

Tall men are a symbol of status and position, sometimes the strength and energy of a particular woman is still «visible».

Large or dense men are often a symbol of a man who has «weight», as well as a wealthy, «fat man».

Strong men in dreams symbolically show the strength of character, abilities and capabilities.

If a woman has become a man in a dream

The dream means that she has begun to show male character traits and prevail over female ones.

The wedding of your man with another in a dream means that he has big changes in his life and most likely he will not be up to you.

To look for, to call a man in a dream, when he turns away from you, turns his back, throws, leaves you, means that your relationship will be upset. Such gestures or postures symbolically reflect a lack of understanding and support, as well as the intention and desire to leave you.

To run, to catch up with a man in a dream — to chase the past, the desire to return the relationship.

Running after a stranger is the desire to meet a loved one, to be loved. If, of course, in such a dream there was an understanding that you were running after your loved one.

Running away from a man

means that you are afraid of disappointments in love and relationships. Although, if a man is an acquaintance or there was a prototype of an acquaintance in a dream, then rather you deliberately run away from communication or a relationship with him in reality.

All the emotions that you will see or feel in your dream coming from a man mean themselves. For example, a man’s indifference in a dream means the same thing in reality — the cooling of his feelings for you, lack of interest.

Anger is dissatisfaction with your actions that go against his expectations.

Joy is a good attitude towards you, a desire to communicate with you.

The smile of a man in a dream — to the good news from him. The location to you.

If a man looks into your eyes in a dream

sleep means sincerity, a desire to open up to you. And the look itself means attitude, trust, contact (mental and emotional). That is, what is in the look is in the soul, the feelings of a person. In dreams, you can know and understand everything without words — in the form of pure information.

If your man is pale, looks bad in a dream, or is beaten or injured, a dream leads to bad changes and troubles. First of all, they will touch him, but you will also worry.

A man in the blood dreams of illness, severe stress, an accident.

A man who is attracted to another woman in a dream means that your subconscious indicates cautiously that you need to devote more time to him. Switch his attention to yourself, otherwise not only the thoughts that you thus «spied» in a dream, but also the actions will be repeated in life. In general, such a dream can show his real infatuation with someone. It is worth dividing the business interest and the sexual or emotional passion. This is usually seen in a dream.

Kissing in a dream

if you kissed him yourself, means showing feelings, openness and intimacy. A lot depends on whether the kiss was pleasant to you in a dream. If so, the relationship will be harmonious and bring you joy. If not, the relationship will disappoint you. Read more about the symbol of kissing in dreams in the dream book.

Quarrels, swearing and fights in dreams with your man lead to rapprochement and reconciliation. But such dreams usually occur in cases when there were tense moments in the relationship, disagreements and quarrels. If everything was fine in the relationship the day before, then quarrels and a fight may mean some conflicts and proceedings between you.

Ugly, sick men or men with some flaws, unpleasant strangers in a dream

Can symbolize troubles and worries, bad news, failures. The role of such characters in dreams is that «men» will actually participate in some situation in life. And emotional perception, as well as their appearance, is your vision of how people act in a certain situation. Usually ugly people in some ways are those who act ugly. Therefore, in dreams they look flawed and cause repulsive impressions.

About sex with a man — read separately in the dream book. This symbol has many aspects.

A drunk man (acquaintance) in a dream means that he is in a strong emotional shock. The reason must be determined by the plot of the dream. Usually in such dreams there are always accompanying symbols — hints.

Jealousy of a man, cheating in a dream is a separate story. See the article «Cheating in dreams».

Being jealous of your man in a dream is the fear of losing a loved one. Fear, not real loss.

Dancing with a man in a dream leads to a relationship with him. Like dancing, so are relationships. In such dreams, the nature of the dance determines the nature of the relationship. Tango — emotions, Latin dances — passion, sex, waltz — feelings and so on.

If you see a wedding ring on a man’s hand in a dream, he has a connection with someone.

To call a man, to make phone calls, to talk on the phone, to receive messages or SMS — to the desire to communicate, to try to talk, to find out the relationship. See the «Call, Phone» symbol.

A beloved man in a dream

For women and partners. A beloved man in a dream can dream often. The mental world of dreams best reflects our feelings and thoughts. And first of all, of course, the most intrusive ones. The more you think about a person in real life, the more often you can see them in your dreams. Therefore, it is better to learn to distinguish in such periods of delusion whether a dream has a symbolic meaning, or you just met the object of your feelings and thoughts once again at a different level of your consciousness.

So, if you just «crossed paths», the dream is a continuation of the thoughts and desires of your reality. In such dreams, you can find out exactly how a man treats you and how he feels.

The events in his life or your life together (including the future) usually have dreams in symbolism. If your dream had a plot and actions, the dream should be deciphered according to the dream book.

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