Water in a dream, spiritual meaning of water in a dream

Water in a dream, spiritual meaning of water in a dream

The most general and at the same time accurate definition of water as a symbol in a dream is the emotional state of a person at the moments of events that a person sees in a dream.

By its appearance, quality, condition, volume, color, location in a dream, you can determine what state a person will be in (emotional, mental and even physical). Depending on the context of the dream and the set of symbols, the state of water in a dream can very accurately characterize events.

Clean water is a symbol of health, well-being, prosperity (very high incomes).

Dirty water is a symbol of illness, worries, and humiliation.

Muddy water is an indication of doubt, «turmoil», uncertainty.

Boiling water is a period of change, a multitude of events happening at the same time, anxiety, raging passions.

To pour water in a dream, to spill it — to worries, expenses, troubles or worries. It depends on how much you pour and how much remains. If you take a couple of drops, it’s a minor hassle. And if there is a lot, then the troubles will be quite big, as well as losses, expenses, expenses.

Sometimes I dream that swimming takes place at night. Such a dream predicts future events that are still «visible» only intuitively. The second option is hidden and unknown events, but you will soon find out about them yourself.

The water in the spring is a rare dream and a very good one. Such dreams occur in cases when some kind of help is needed and most often in healing. So, your dream says that you will be able to get or achieve what you want. If the context of a dream has the symbolism of prosperity, then springs with water are a wonderful sign of «sources of income». Sleep is rare and very favorable.

The water in the fountain leads to joyful events, fun and a lot of positive emotions that will «charge» you for a long time and improve your health (for the sick).

A well with water dreams of significant changes in material and financial condition. You can improve it. This is a very good and tough symbol. That is, no one and nothing can interfere with your well-being.

The threat from water is the inability to cope with feelings. This can happen for various reasons. The destructive power of water is the destructive power of feelings and emotions. When they get out of control, they lead the person, not the other way around.

Jumping, rushing, diving into the water in a dream means danger and often thoughtless, spontaneous actions on the part of a person. The expression «into the pool with your head» is appropriate. However, it may concern not only personal relationships, but also any other area of life. In general, this may be an unjustified risk. Although, you can judge by the end of the dream (if everything was fine after the jump, then actions in life will be justified).

But if in a dream you were pushed into the water or you fell into it, then the danger is accidental, unexpected and this threat is from a very specific person (he pushed you in a dream). If they drowned or could not get out of the water, to trouble and hopelessness. If you swam further, got out of the water, then get out of the situation, you will be saved.

If someone drowns you in water in a dream

Then in life someone will be able (or will try — this is what you saw in a dream) to bring you to ruin, dismissal or simply destroy your life.

If you are doused with dirty water in a dream — to shame and humiliation.

If splashes or drops of clean water hit you, you will soon receive very good news.

Falling into the water in a dream is an accident, a crash. In a pit with water — impotence, severe illness, misfortune.

Choking on water in a dream means that in reality you will not be able to cope with feelings if the water was clean.
If it is cloudy, dirty, cold, hot — the events will be negative and will greatly upset.

Standing in the water leads to worries and disappointments, a period of depression, inaction, as this is a passive action. It is better to interact with energies such as water in a dream in order to use their power and potential.

If in a dream you see water flooding something and a flood is formed, sleep means failure of plans, disasters and fear from all this. See the symbol «Flood» in the dream book separately.

If water flows from the ceiling in a dream, there is severe stress, often associated with financial problems.

Spilled clean tap water or a jet of water leads to experiences after which everything will get better. This is a dream in cases when the situation can no longer be discharged in another way.

If clean water is poured and fills the containers, then sleep leads to prosperity, income, profit.

If a stream of water flows from a hose, then the situation will be more tense (the water pressure in it is usually higher).
Dirty tap water is a problem and trouble for the household.

Water flows in a dream — to change, as it reflects the reaction to events in this way. Further, in the context of sleep, it is important to decipher where the water flows from, where and what it is. This will be an indication of the events themselves: what changes will take place. It’s good when water is poured into something, collected, washed off with dirt, washed.

It is bad if water spills, spills, flows, leaks — this leads to financial losses (outflow of financial energy) where water is spilled.

Water on fire, burning water is a force of feelings that has become destructive, burning, traumatic.

Spring water in a dream means recovery and liberation from everything that has greatly burdened your life.

Sea water in a dream is a sign of well-being, purification, and health. It is also possible to indicate any kind of rest.

Salt water, if it is in a reservoir, is healing, if it is in a vessel, it leads to sadness and sorrow.

Meltwater means that everything in your life is getting better and coming back to normal. The bad period is over.

Hot water — worries, stress. The same thing is bubbling or boiling, with the only difference being that there will be uncontrollable emotions.

Warm water — to calm down and a truce. Often in the context of dreams about finance and work, it indicates a period of income, profit, successful projects and transactions.

Rusty water indicates diseases.

Pour or collect, draw water in a dream for profit and fulfillment of desires, for joy and well-being.

Washing with clean water leads to recovery and joy.

Looking for something in the water is an attempt to gain a true understanding of what is happening, as well as a way out of the current situation when it exists, but for some reason it is «not visible», hidden, hidden behind our emotions, fear, despair.

To spill water leads to trouble and losses. Pouring (spilling) water is an empty hope. Watering the inanimate with water is a loss, and plants are work for which you will receive a reward.

To pour out water intentionally is a loss due to one’s own fault, a refusal. To pour out dirty water is to get rid of troubles.

To give someone water — share your wealth, income, profit or some other resources with someone.
To drink water is a desire or an opportunity to unite fate in some sense (see the plot of the dream).

To enter, to enter the water is the same as to «enter» a situation in life, that is, to «immerse yourself» in events with your head, completely.
Getting out of the water — sleep marks the end of a certain period, the end of the effects of some factors on your life.
Get away with it in a dream — understand your dream, practically, literally. You will be able to avoid big trouble, despite the situation in which you find yourself or will find yourself, to avoid danger, consequences.

Being underwater in a dream

means being completely at the mercy of some kind of influence on your life. Moreover, such an influence is possible both from the side of a particular person and due to the influence of external factors in life.

To collect water from the floor — you will understand that unnecessary emotions and passions do not lead to good. In general, such a dream leads to changes for the better, if it was possible to collect water, then the danger or trouble has passed. Water on the floor leads to worries, discord and diseases, especially if the water was dirty.

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