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What does a child in a dream mean, spiritual meaning of a child in a dream

What does a child in a dream mean, spiritual meaning of a child in a dream

What does a child in a dream mean, spiritual meaning of a child in a dream

For the correct interpretation of this symbol, you need to immediately determine whose child was it? Yours: yours is real, yours but only in a dream, someone else’s acquaintance, someone else’s stranger. This will be the key to decryption.

Dreams about their children, no matter what age they are, can «show» in a dream what is happening to them, what they are worried about. And also in dreams you can see their thoughts, feelings and intentions. The mental world of our dreams is primarily a reflection of thoughts and emotions.

Also, children often point in dreams to the relationship between their parents, that is, between the biological father and mother. Such dreams are seen more often during periods of quarrels or breakups.

Any «surge», that is, a strong emotion, obsessive, repetitive thoughts — and in dreams this whole process will be reflected. Close people, especially those who care, love and worry, immediately «intercept» such signals about those they love. More often mothers and less often fathers. Although some dads can give odds on the level of perception and feelings of their children.

Well, now the characterization of the symbol «dream about your children» from a dream.»

That is, in a dream you know that the child is yours, although there is no such thing in life, then the dream indicates yours (only yours!) a case, a project, an undertaking. And if in a dream you know that the child is yours and someone else’s… That is, for men — yours and a woman, and for women — yours and some man’s: In this case, the dream indicates a connection or relationship with a partner.

If you dream of other people’s children in your dreams.

Almost the same can be said about children with whom they often communicate or are relatives. If in your dream you saw a child you are worried about in life, and you care about him, then in your dream you can also see something that concerns him directly or indirectly. These can be grandchildren, nephews, sisters, brothers, as well as other relatives.

Other people’s children in dreams may indicate problems or events in the lives of those people whose children they are. Older children tend to mean themselves in dreams. That is, a dream about them.

Strange unfamiliar children in the majority (mostly) mean other people’s troubles, worries, worries. If in such a dream you had to take care of them, in reality someone will have to help, solve other people’s problems, provide a service, support.

If you looked at such children just from the outside, then in reality you will also just be a witness to other people’s problems.

Here it is necessary to say about another variant of the realization of dreams about children. If you consider that strangers in dreams are often people from the future (so you don’t know them at the time of sleep), then their children in dreams may be real children.

Dreams of beautiful, happy and joyful children.

Happy, joyful, playing, cheerful, contented and beautiful children are a sign of good news, family happiness, peace and tranquility.

The same can be said about dreams in which children hug you, kiss you. Such actions and emotions in a dream mean good and happy changes, as a rule, they turn out to be significant later.

Dreams in which adult children dream of being small may mean that the same child will need help «as a little one».

Similarly, a return to childhood may indicate that something is perceived «childishly». Age may indicate «maturity», level of responsibility, ability (or inability) to solve current issues. And if you dream about your child being younger, it means that in some situation he will feel the same way — like a defenseless child. And most likely, he may need support or help.

Many mothers have such dreams before the child gets sick and they will need to be cared for, helped and cared for in one way or another. By the appearance of the child and the plot of the dream, you can tell what will be not only the degree of your anxiety, but also the reality of the threat of trouble.

And if, apart from your feelings and experiences in a dream, nothing else has happened, then in life, everything will be limited to your worries. But if there were any threatening signs, wounds on the body, any negative symbols, then the reason to worry will be more significant.

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