What does hair mean in a dream, interpretation of hair in a dream

What does hair mean in a dream, interpretation of hair in a dream

The hair symbol in dreams has several interpretations.

The first option. Hair can be associated with a person’s mental and emotional state at the time of sleep. In other words, it is an indication of upcoming events or current ones.

Thoughts are always inextricably linked with emotions and vice versa. If the condition of a person’s hair in a dream is normal, he is stable. Which means he has the situation under control.

For example, baldness, bald patches on the head, hair falling out — an indication of a state of stress. It is clear that the situation is appropriate. Stress is caused by an event.

If a person pulls out or removes clumps of hair himself, this means that he does not control his condition — he «tears his hair».

Beautiful and well-groomed hair is a sign of well-being and stability. Here, further along the plot, it is necessary to determine exactly what this condition concerns. In such dreams there will always be information about it. It is necessary to take into account the situation (the atmosphere of the dream — where did everything happen?), the characters are people involved directly or indirectly in the situation.

The second option. Often long hair can mean a trip — the «road» is so visible. Long hair — the trip will be a decent distance. Light, healthy-looking hair in a dream — you will enjoy the trip and will be successful. Dirty, ugly, — there will be problems on the road. Wavy hair — you’ll have to worry. The more they are wound up, the stronger the feelings will be.

This category of dreams, indeed, is dreamed shortly before the planned trip.

The third option. Thick, «rich», silky-looking hair can mean a successful project, the business will bring income. A person with such hair in a dream will have a lot of excellent ideas and solutions in reality.

Dreams in which hair grows quickly are considered very good. Also, if dense vegetation appears on different parts of the body, dreams of money, profits.
Rapid hair growth in a dream is a quick enrichment, the arrangement of your affairs and well-being in general. Gorgeous beautiful hair means coming changes: wealth, success and achievements. Thick — a large income, material prosperity.

The fourth option. Hair means itself and by its appearance, color, hairstyle you can recognize a person. This category of dreams also refers to cases of mental repetition. That is, if you were worried about your hair, and if you were just going to the hairdresser or thinking how to change your hairstyle, you may have a dream about hair.

Additional character interpretation of hair in a dream:

Straight long beautiful hair — the realization of the dream conceived on the eve of sleep — everything will go smoothly.

Twisted hair and curls are a condition when a person is «screwed up», stressed out, and aggravates the situation. But wavy hair is a slight excitement.

Dirty, tangled, disheveled hair — a person cannot sort out and «put things in order» in his thoughts.

Cut hair — changing plans (often canceling them)

Short hair is a limitation.

Wet hair — stress, worries.

Drying your hair will give you the opportunity to calm down, solve problems.

Loose hair in a dream means freedom of choice and action.

Braids in a dream – order in business, good organization of work, business, self-control.

Braiding can indicate marriage, and for family people — the birth of a child.

Hair on the back, on the shoulders — a strong position in life, high social status.

A dream in which the hair on your hands leads to good incomes, money.

And the hair on the whole body is patronage, protection and prosperity.

Belly hair means confidence in the future (what you are currently doing or planning is a matter of the future).

Facial hair in a dream is an unusual business or project. The type of hair will indicate the results. About the beard and mustache — see separately in the dream book.

I dreamed of pubic hair — for good health and potency (for men), and for women for libido, good hormonal status, and healthy sexual activity.

A woman has hair on her chest in her sleep (especially if it is dark)… They dream of material prosperity and good profits in her business.

The hair in the food (someone else’s) indicates that your worries about someone else’s achievements do not allow you to live in peace.

To tug or pull someone’s hair in a dream is to get into someone else’s life. Whether it is justified or not is up to you to decide. Perhaps in your dream you will see the outcome of the actions.

Dandruff in your hair dreams of changes that will change the course of your usual life and knock you out of a rut.

Insects in your hair mean your constant bad thoughts and worries.

Lice in the hair is an unnecessary far-fetched fear.

Spiders in your hair in a dream — you are afraid of enemies (think less)!

Bugs in the hair — took on a lot of work, including providing for loved ones and earning opportunities.

Worms in your hair are a sign that your own thoughts are destroying you.

Light brown and beautiful hair – peace of mind, joy, pleasure from life.

Redheads (if they are not really like that) with a copper tinge are deception and betrayal.

White dyed hair is a deception and an attempt at manipulation.

The blacks (if they are not like that) have conceived a case for which they will have to pay in the end. Very often there is a symbol «a woman with black hair» — this is a dream of an enemy who wants to literally destroy. Whether it succeeds or not is seen by other symbols. But there are black thoughts and far-reaching intentions.

Dark, beautiful hair — for a lot of money. If they grow right in front of your eyes, you will get rich quickly!

Red hair is a strong all-consuming passion. And then you may regret it, or (if the color is ugly or bloody) severe stress with loss of energy. That’s how you can get sick. For the first option, the outcome is the same. Red hair is unnatural and abnormal. The subconscious mind just won’t show them.

A dream about multicolored hair indicates a chaos of thoughts, more like a creative one, but still chaos. There is no core, no thoroughness in the approach to solving issues.

Blue hair — you think a lot about men, it becomes an obsession for you.

Golden hair in the sense of bright and very beautiful is an amazing event, and it will change a lot in your life.

If the hair is literally made of gold…  You will have to go through an event that will require you to make difficult and very precise decisions in order to get out of the situation.

Green hair in a dream is for the health you’re worried about.

Wash your hair in your sleep — get rid of problems.

Untangle your hair — you can get out of a very unpleasant situation if you untangle it. At the same time, put your thoughts in order.

Hair in your mouth — talk a lot too much and it can turn against you.

Hair in the teeth — gossip about relatives.

The hair on the neck indicates a person who can control the situation.

Stroking your hair in your sleep is soothing. You will find what you were looking for. It can be not only a thing, an object, but also an answer to a question, a way out, a solution, and so on.

Stroking a man’s hair is to persuade him.

Flowers in your hair is an event that will take up all your thoughts and time. Of course, a lot depends on which flower you dreamed about. So, decipher the dream further.

Gray hair leads to worries. If there are many of them, strong feelings.

Seeing gray hair in the mirror is a sign of problems in the future. Pulling out gray hair in a dream means anxiety and thoughts about old age.

Burning hair in a dream indicates severe stress and shock.If you set them on fire for yourself, then you will do what this shock will be received from. By the way, such dreams also indicate that the consequences will be long-lasting.

Tangled hair in a dream – you can not find a way out of the situation, gather your thoughts, decide on what is happening. Such a dream warns that, first of all, everything depends on you. Sort out your thoughts and feelings and everything will gradually fall into place.

Sparse hair leads to lack of money and problems.

Dirty hair leads to bad thoughts. Think more about your well-being than about other people’s troubles.

Hair breaks down — to diseases.

Styling your hair, pinning it in your sleep — to successful life circumstances. Everything is under control, according to plan.

Hair clips, hairpins, elastic bands — all these are opportunities to improve your life. The more beautiful the hairpin, the better the circumstances. This is often how insights, good ideas, and solutions are seen.

Curl and twist your hair in a dream — to circumstances when you will be very nervous and worried.

Lush hair in a dream leads to pleasant company and good rest, as well as to achieving the goal.

A lock or tuft of hair means an occasion that will make a strong impression on you. You can judge the event by the type of strand or tuft.

A bald woman in a dream, if she is familiar to you – to the news of problems and even disasters in a person’s life. If a woman dreams that she is bald, she experiences stress.

A bald man — if the dream is not threatening – is a new image. A new attitude to old problems. «Ugly» baldness is a feeling and preoccupation with thoughts about aging. Real hair loss or a haircut. If the dream is threatening – the fear of psychological, emotional attack, criticism.

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