What does snake in a dream mean, spiritual meaning of snakes

What does snake in a dream mean, spiritual meaning of snakes

Meaning of snake in a dream

As a symbol of dreams, the snake has several interpretations. To decrypt, you need to take into account the context.

The first option.

Snakes in a dream mean enemies, envious and evil people.

The second one indicates diseases.

The third is that they can show a projection of human energy.

It can be taken into account that the snake, boa constrictor, python are male enemies. The viper, the anaconda, the snake, the cobra — the enemies are women. Sometimes their appearance can somehow resemble the enemy in real life. Figuratively. associatively. This makes them easier to «figure out» in reality.

In most cases, it is a warning sign. When deciphering, it is important to take into account your own feeling and emotions from meeting a snake. As well as her actions towards you. Fear, a sense of danger, the expectation of an attack and, of course, an attack or snake bites — warn of the actions of enemies against you.

If you are holding a snake in your hands in your dream, sleep means complete control in a difficult situation. It is also the fact that you will be able to reason with an ill-wisher by defeating him.

If you were strangling a snake in a dream or even saw that you were able to strangle (or knew it, felt it). You will be able to escape from a very difficult life situation.

If the snake is peeking out from behind or is on its back in a dream. This is a sign of a secret planned conspiracy against you.

A snake hissing in a dream is a sign warning of imminent danger.

If you are bitten by a snake in your dream

The dream means a warning of danger. The symbol is «hard» — that is, predefined. The enemy will be able to strike you. If you are severely injured in such a dream, then you will take a long time to come to your senses in life.

A snake has bitten your hand — losses and obstacles in the business you are engaged in are due to the fault of an enemy, an ill-wisher.
Bitten by a snake in the leg — you can lose your job or lose your income.
Leg bites can also mean blows from enemies that will literally knock the ground out from under your feet.

If a snake tries to bite and attacks, be vigilant, there is a person in your environment who can harm you. After such a dream, do not agree to joint projects, especially scams and risky enterprises. Pay attention to the surroundings. It is in your environment that there is a person who can «reach out» to harm you.

Snake pairs are sexual potency, usually two snakes dream side by side (coiling, but not biting each other), thereby signifying a couple.
Eating in a dream, it is clear that they are not a couple, not together, different, so these are two people, two of your enemies.
One snake is a specific person, three snakes are three enemies, and so on.

Many snakes dream of a big scandal, as well as it is a symbol of many ill-wishers who oppose you. Using other dream symbols, you will be able to determine which environment will be involved in the events. Well, or you are drawn into an environment where the question of survival is on the verge of a foul. A constant struggle for life. Do you really need it?

The snake that you are afraid of in your dream, it looks at you and it seems to you that it wants to attack you (but according to the plot of the dream it does not attack) it means that it is very difficult for you to cope with the fear for your life and health. Such dreams often mean a fear of illness.

Snakes, which mean enemies, usually do not look «in the eyes in a dream». Enemies rarely make eye contact at all. The nature of people is such that everyone wants to remove a person and at the same time remain unrecognized. And if on the eve of such a dream you were really worried about your health, then the snake is your fear.

A snake stalking in a dream indicates a hidden potential danger.

A snake stinging others is an emotional energy directed against someone. In real life, this can manifest itself in the form of hatred, malice, envy and actions caused by them.

Bitten by a snake on the finger — painful experiences due to a grievance that has no basis.
If bitten by a black snake — to the disease, a venomous snake is a crushing blow from the enemy. In such a dream, you can find an antidote by continuing it. If you don’t know how, use an affirmation (if you practice wasps).

If a snake bites your neck in a dream, the dream means that «thanks» to the actions of your enemies, you will lose your status and position. If in your dream a snake is wrapped around your neck, your situation is hopeless, there is loss and collapse ahead. The more tightly the snake squeezed you in your sleep, the more hopeless your situation will be.

Also, recurring dreams about suffocation mean respiratory diseases, and at critical stages. After such dreams, pay attention to your health.

If you had a dream about a small snake, then they can’t hurt you, even if they really want to. A small snake can mean a «small» and evil person. Or a young man, a teenager, who is very angry by nature.

A child was bitten by a snake — a warning about the danger to children. Specifically, for a child who was in a dream. If this is an unfamiliar child, then there will definitely be signs indicating exactly what the warning concerns. These can be: relationships with anyone, including business partners, agreements, alliances. For the symbol «unfamiliar children», study the characteristics of the symbol «child».

Bitten by a yellow snake — to betrayal or treason.

A poisonous snake in dreams indicates a person who hates you, an enemy, an envious person and an ill-wisher. By her actions in a dream, you can determine what your enemy is going to do, wants or can do against you. But remember, if you can defeat a snake in a dream, then in physical reality, the danger will pass.

A stinging snake in a dream

Often means worries about health. A snake bite shows an inability for any reason to cope with one’s own fear of illness when internal control is lost. The thing is that despite all the negativity of this symbol, there is a positive moment in it – your recovery is in your hands.

What is meant here is not that you do not need to go to the doctors, but that in fact the disease must be defeated in your mind. You are afraid of illness, fear paralyzes the body’s defenses and does not give the go-ahead for recovery.

As a psychological factor, this hint of the subconscious mind can be taken into account for a more effective opportunity to help your body use the resource of the subconscious mind in conjunction with other methods of treatment.

The truth is that many diseases are in our «head». In general, the snake in the mental world reflects the energies of a person, the vital processes of the body flowing in us, strength and energy. They can be healing, progressive. Or they can be toxic, and deadly.

To kill a snake is to cope with fears, to cancel their destructive effect in oneself at all levels, to take control of negative emotions.

To cut off, cut off the snake’s head — to punish the enemy who opposed you.

To eat, to eat a snake is to destroy the enemy, and even «take away» his strength for himself (position, wealth, and so on, depending on the circumstances).

If you had a dream in which you were presented with a snake, wait for a trick from people close to you (with whom you live or work), and the deception will be planned and deliberate. Remember what else was in the dream, there will definitely be additional signs — instructions.

The skin or skin of a snake means that your enemies will no longer be able to harm you, the circumstances of life have developed against them. They just don’t care about you. Luck is on your side.

Feeding a snake in a dream is to allow ill-wishers to be in your environment. You are «feeding» your future enemies yourself. It’s like «warming a snake on your chest.»

A snake in bed is a sign of an opponent or a rival (more often a rival).

A snake in the house is the same as an enemy in the house. If it has come to the point that your subconscious warns you in this way, then you are losing sight of the person entering your house and at the same time he is your enemy and at any moment he can strike at you, your family, cause grief.

A snake in the water means that you have an enemy who can destroy you emotionally, at least cause damage, which will later cause stress and shock. By the symbols of reservoirs (river, sea, and so on), see exactly what his blow will touch. And it is better not to wait, to distance yourself from such a person. Snakes are always a symbol of a person present in the environment, very rarely they are completely strangers.

A very large snake in a dream leads to a difficult life period, during which you will be forced to endure a hateful environment, traitors, deceptions, deliberate machinations and tricks. You’ll be in danger all the time. It’s bad if you are afraid of such a snake, you will have a hard time. If there was no fright, you can tolerate this state of affairs. If you can get away from a snake in a dream, then you will get away from problems.

A tangle of snakes is a society or an environment of people where everyone will poison and betray each other.

Non-venomous snakes are a false fear.

Snakes indicate human impulse responses. As a rule, in dreams we are afraid of snakes. This suggests that we are afraid of some other people’s or our own internal reactions and impulses. Just as snake venom can be deadly and healing, our reaction to a snake in a dream shows whether we can cope with our impulses or not.  This may be due to illnesses and any mental reactions that are out of your control.

For example, the green snake is for healing. White — to intuitive insights and transformation, growth. A lying snake, calm — the lack of vital energy and motives that encourage you to go, live, develop further. Of course, this condition may be temporary, but it is important for you, otherwise you would not have had such a dream. Multicolored snakes are a sign of potential, a gift.

In general, if you dreamed of a very beautiful snake (it feels like in a dream), consider that you have seen your «sleeping» hidden possibilities of strength, growth and development. For example, such a sign has a golden, multicolored, iridescent snake, a snake with a halo or a crown.

The attack of a viper and a cobra or a snake is the same thing, with the only difference that a viper is a symbol of an immoral and vile person, a cobra is an avaricious and unscrupulous enemy (almost always — in reality it is a woman), and it is a sycophant, a quirky person, a traitor.

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