Fish in dreams, the spiritual meaning of fishing in dreams

Fish in dreams, the spiritual meaning of fishing in dreams

The fish as a symbol has two main interpretations.

In dreams, fish symbolizes either income or pregnancy.

The first one, which is also most often found, is the aspect of income, profit, earnings. It is the receipt of financial remuneration for a certain work, service. This is not a treasure, not a win or a gift, but a «fisherman’s catch». Which means: your work and services in exchange for a decent reward.

Features of the interpretation of this symbol: The bigger the fish, the more income.
A lot of small fish is a characteristic. You will profit from many people, customers, and buyers.

A fish (caught), but you understand in a dream — it has already fallen asleep (the fish does not die, the fish falls asleep) — such a symbol means that a certain source of income is ending its existence.

The second variation.

Women dream of fish for pregnancy.

Features of this aspect of the symbol. In such dreams, there are one or two fish. The woman catches them or, according to the meaning of the dream, the fish somehow end up with her.

The fish symbol is often dreamed of by men. And almost always, as you know, it indicates that the business he started doing will bring income. When they look at projections of a possible future based on affirmations and want to find out whether it is worth investing in a new business or agreeing to a deal, the fish in the answer dreams is the best indicator of the potential of a business.

If the fish in dreams is in muddy or dirty, spoiled water, it is a disease.

A very large dead fish indicates that a profitable project, business, business is coming to an end and ceases to operate. The same means the fish on the shore (washed ashore from the water).

Small fish can dream, fry are a symbolic reflection of spermatozoa (especially if they are in a vessel), and if a woman dreams that she has caught a small fish, whether it is in a vessel or a river, a dream also leads to conception, fertilization. Of course, a good sign is when the water is clean and transparent.

Cooked fish in dreams

has different meanings.

If it is fried and large, it increases well-being.

Fried and small — you will work a lot, but the income will not be large.

Cooking fish in a dream means that you will somehow manage your earnings.

To clean the fish is to correct some mistakes made in the work or another meaning is to prepare to «carry out your plans». (It’s not very euphonious, but the meaning is generally the same).

Gutting fish is doing an unseemly business for the sake of earning money.

To eat, to eat fish, to increase material prosperity and fulfillment of desires! The tastier and bigger the fish was in the dream, the better.

Boiled fish is a sign of slowness in business.

Frozen fish is a stagnation in business. It’s good when the fish is taken out of the freezer. Business in life will begin to move forward again.

Dried, salted and smoked fish are a sign of adventures in business, non-standard solutions to issues.

Red fish (if it is beautiful) — stable prosperity, material well-being, fish with caviar — large incomes and further prosperity.

A blue fish is for the birth of a boy with special talents or a gift.

Black fish — income hidden for some reason.

Pike is a competitor in the work. Further along the plot of the dream, determine what will happen between you.

Catfish, if it does not attack, is a big jackpot.

Talking fish — to intuitive guesses that indicate the meaning of what is happening in your life.

If a fish bites or attacks in a dream, it is a threat to your position and status. If in such a dream she causes you any damage, you will get injured — your plans will not come true and this will knock you out of the rut for a long time.

To cut and carve fish into pieces is to ruin some business with your own hands. Maybe not his own. Maybe not with good intent.

If you kill a fish, the case is ruined. Sometimes women who decide to have an abortion the day before see in their dreams that they are «killing» fish.

If you cut off the head or just see the fish’s head, get out of the way of what is the main thing in the project, the case. It can also be a symbolic indication, depending on what your dream concerns in reality.

To feed the fish is to take actions that will allow your plans to be realized and safely implement the existing ones.

The fish are colorful and very beautiful – gifts are waiting for you. If the fish is mottled, of a beautiful color with iridescences, it is a rare chance, a lucky chance, a gift of fate, the fulfillment of a cherished wish.

A goldfish is a rare piece of luck and the fulfillment of a wish.

A dream in which you took a fish in your hands and it is in your palms is a harbinger of a happy event, a rare good luck.

To collect fish, not to catch — get the income earned by someone. This may also be an indication of a win, an accidental gain.

If you fished with your hands — achievements, profits — all this only depends on you and only your merit. And a dream in which you caught a fish with your hands is a harbinger of a happy event, a rare good luck.

Fishing with a net in a dream is not only a real opportunity to get good income, but also the potential for the future. That is, you can continue in the same spirit (see what you are doing or planning now), and your business will be just as profitable and profitable in the future.

If you were fishing with a net, then the potential is much more modest.

Fishing rod is a one-time deal. If you dreamed that you caught a fish with a fishing rod – achieving the goal you were going to.

A man dreams of fishing for profit and income.

Fishing in a dream indicates money projects.

The bigger the fish, the higher the income.

The fish in the bucket indicates the income in the family.

Dead and dead fish means a complete failure of plans and the collapse of hopes, instead of the expected earnings. The symbols have the same meaning if the fish is rotten, rotten. In this case, the failure is your own fault, due to indecision and procrastination.

With worms, a fish in a dream indicates the machinations of ill-wishers who did not allow you to carry out your plans.

To give such fish or throw it away will be an opportunity to get rid of problems, but to give or let go of fish caught and good — to lose what you earned and achieved on your own initiative.

If a pregnant woman dreams that she has given birth to a fish, sleep may mean poor baby health or premature birth.

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