Man, people in dreams interpretation, what does it mean to dream people

Man, people in dreams interpretation, what does it mean to dream people

Man, people in dreams

are prototypes of real people in life. Many of them can be immediately recognized in a dream. That is, they look like themselves, or you know who this person is, even if his appearance has been changed or he looks in an unusual way.

Strangers in dreams are often real strangers or people from the future. And at the time of sleep, you perceive them as those whom you do not yet know, so they come in the form of strangers.

If in a dream you look at some person or people from the outside, then in life in a certain situation you will also be a bystander to some event or incident. That is, you will know about it, but you will not participate in it.

If there were some active actions in the dream, or interactions with other characters, then this shows a situation in life in which you will also interact. You will be a participant. For more detailed symbols of people, depending on the type of relationship, see the dream book.

Dream about the same person all the time

Our consciousness is not guided by anyone other than us. Just us. Why can one person often dream? There are two main options.

The first option. You are focused on a certain person (let’s call him or her that conditionally). And your thoughts are constantly directed towards this subject. Thoughts are the same radio waves with their own frequency. These waves come from you, reach the target and return with information. And that’s how you accept it. Of course, in a dream.

Therefore, during such periods of your life (for days in your thoughts about one person, and it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad thoughts), you see real «epics» about this character. Not only important events and information that concerns both of you or him (her) alone, but you can simply intercept «thoughts», moods and everyday episodes. There is nothing abnormal in the fact that you often dream of the same person. And at the same time, this does not mean that he thinks about you or, on the contrary, has forgotten. This is usually easily determined by the context of the dream.

The second option. If you haven’t thought about him, but he systematically appears in your dreams, it’s possible that he thinks about you. Here you already need (if it’s important to you) to understand why? It is easy to find out by deciphering the dream. The application has an online interpretation, with it a lot will fall into place for you.

A person who doesn’t look like himself, Looks different

Dreams in which you see a person you know, but he does not look like himself at all, dream quite often. And just as often, when interpreting, everyone gets confused, how do you understand what it still means? And so. If a person does not look like himself in a dream, you will soon learn something new and unexpected about him. The meaning of this image is that you will recognize it from the other side. Completely unexpected and unfamiliar to you.

People about whom we know everything or almost everything, that is, our relatives and old friends, we dream about ourselves. There are exceptions, but they are extremely rare. The circumstances of life in which we see them like this should also be exceptional. But all our new acquaintances will often look very different at first.

And there is an explanation for this. Imagine that you have fixed a very specific image of a person in your memory. And then circumstances change and he appears to you in a new «role». This is his new face in your dream. What does this mean in life?

3 main options:

The first is that he is uglier than you know him. Similarly, in reality, you will not like him by his behavior or actions. The expression that we say in life in such circumstances is appropriate here: «Well, I don’t recognize you!»

The second one is that he looks like someone else. I mean, you know it’s him, but he looks like, say, an actor or a singer. The point here is that in certain circumstances he will show the features of that very actor (singer). He will play their role. He will do something similar.

The third option is a rare handsome one! This is a pleasant moment. Really, really.
It will please, please, make you happy — in general, you should like it!

A person dreams of a younger age (small)

Dreams in which adults dream of little ones may mean that the same person will need help «as a little one.»

Similarly, a return to childhood may indicate that something is perceived «childishly». Age may indicate «maturity», level of responsibility, ability (or inability) to solve current issues. And if you dream of a friend who is younger, it means that in some situation he will feel the same way — like a defenseless child. And most likely, he may need support or help.

Many mothers have such dreams before their child gets sick and they will have to take care of him one way or another, provide help and take care of him. By the appearance of the child and the plot of the dream, you can tell what will be not only the degree of your anxiety, but also the reality of the threat of trouble.

And if, apart from your feelings and experiences in a dream, nothing else has happened, then in life, everything will be limited to your worries. But if there were any threatening signs, wounds on the body, any negative symbols, then the reason to worry will be more significant.

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