Predictions Ukraine 2024 Prophecy

Predictions Ukraine 2024 Prophecy

Predictions Ukraine 2024 Prophecy

All prophecies are added in the application in the section of dreams Come true through the tag “Prophecy”. Fortune telling is “guessing” Dreams are information.

Kharkiv 2024 Rivers of blood

Dream 19.01.24 Joint Affirmation The Future of Russia. In the winter of 2024 (full moon time), at night, military operations will resume in Kharkiv. I lived in Kharkiv, and since March 2022 I have been living in Germany. In September, I had a dream that I arrived in Kharkov and saw that rivers of blood flowed and everything dried up and people walk right through this blood.

But despite this… People are running from Belgorod to Kharkov, towards Ukraine, to run out somewhere else, they are escaping, a queue has formed, but they let everyone through.

Dream 6.12.2023, I dreamed that I was in my apartment in Kharkov, snow and I see a full and very bright Moon in the sky, explosions, people running who where, the night is very scary, because they attacked at night and how at the beginning of the war from Belgorod tanks went into battle, strong explosions, fighter jets fly. I’m shouting I have to run back to Germany.

Germany will supply military equipment to Ukraine in the summer of 2024

Dream 11.12.2023 I dream that war has begun in Germany, I see the military, who tell us to go to the shelter and sit there. I see Germans in uniforms and helmets, a bunch of tanks that are being transferred towards Ukraine to fight. It’s summer outside, or June or July.

The paradox of the future in dreams is that people see before the event how it will end. But when an event occurs, experiences and emotions limit foresight by making it easier for dreamers to see subsequent, but not final events. Because fear and expectation cause future current incidents faster.

When an event occurs, current future events are seen in dreams right up to the finale…

Therefore, we always monitor and record information about the future that dreamers saw BEFORE the event (dreams about military operations with Ukraine began to arrive from the beginning of 2021). See all about how the military operations on the “Prophecy” tag will end in the application in the section of dreams Come true.

You can see for yourself the future of the country by a special dream affirmation. See the Calendar of Dreams (this must be done at a certain time – it is indicated in the calendar)

Kiev will be “in the blood” again

Dream 19.01.24 Joint Affirmation of The Future of Ukraine. I had a dream today that I somehow ended up in Kiev, riding a bicycle down the street past three large temples. There were beaten priests all covered in blood near each of them. Some men were beating them, corpses were lying in cassocks. Girls, I’ve been feeling really creepy all day. Dreams often come true. My husband woke me up and said that I was screaming in my sleep. Editor’s note: often the symbolism of priests is an indication of crimes against humanity).

In the autumn of 2024, civil unrest may begin in Kiev

A short episode of a dream to affirm the future of the country. Dream. I walk down the stairs to the square in the historical center of Kiev. Evening. I see a lot of soldiers in the square. They were dressed like soldiers in the First World War. Overcoats, astrakhan hats and bayonet rifles in their hands. And seeing all this, I utter the words: “Lord, have we started a civil war?”

How long is this going to last?

On 20.01 Ukraine. Kyiv. Dream 1: the double bed is on the street, I’m lying on it, three unfamiliar children are sleeping next to it. 1,5-2-3 of the year. There is fog outside (or smoke, it is unclear). A young man (a stranger) comes out of the fog, he has another child in his arms, older than the others. (3.5-4 years). He’s sleeping too. He puts it next to me with the other children. My job is to keep an eye on them.

P.S. In my dreams, unfamiliar children are often symbols of time, their age is the period during which events occur.

Ed. the age of children – time periods. There were 3 children in the dream. The older one is 3 years old. This is an indication of the possibility of the end of hostilities in the third year. A man emerging from the fog is a change in circumstances that led to a continuation for another year.

The tiger is gone, it has not been defeated

Sleep Late evening, turning into night, my husband and I are in the yard of my deceased grandparents. Beyond the fence of the yard, in the distance ahead, dark clouds seem to be moving across the sky. And there are still a lot of strangers in the yard behind me. The main focus is on the sky. There is a glow of illumination with yellow and purple light.

And Huge figures are clearly outlined – immediately as if from gray clouds, and then as if from lead. Above in the sky there are figures of a Dragon and a Tiger, below in the sky there is a figure of a Crocodile. And the phrase sounds loud. “To absorb the sun, you need to defeat the tiger.” All this sight terrifies all the people who are behind me. I am calm at the same time.

In a dream, there is a clear association of the Dragon is Putin, the Tiger is Zelensky, the Crocodile is Lukashenko. The Dragon and the Crocodile are trying to grab the Sun together. And it’s like it’s already coming in. Then it gets light, and already on the territory of my grandparents’ yard, children’s rubber toys of that very formidable dragon and crocodile are lying on the grass. There was no information about what happened to the tiger.

Signing of the agreement: Russia and Ukraine – we are now forever separated by a blank wall

The whole dream is here.

… And now she, the daughter, turns her head to us with the left side, and I see the left half of her face: she is completely burned and disfigured. Then she smiles bitterly and angrily and turns her face away and I see the right side of her face, and I just freeze in surprise. The right half of the face is young, fresh, and beautiful.

Editor’s note: part of the face is burned – this is what was done to Ukraine. Part of the face is young and beautiful – her new life.

I look away and look out the window: behind it you can see that the house stands in the fields (they are mowed and withered yellow), and beyond the field, right in front of the house and into the distance, there is a dense green forest. And I understand that this is a boundary.

And it’s a little gloomy and it’s raining, but it’s not a downpour. The feeling of rain is cleansing. I ask the man, how is it with my son? He thinks that we should probably follow him, catch up. And I think: is it necessary?

The son looks like Zelensky in a suit, he used to wear such a suit. And the understanding that he is far across the ocean and will not return. The man next to him is a complete association with Putin. In the beginning, it was a little confusing that he was full. But manners, behavior- that’s him. The country – it felt like it was a long flight by plane to this border, and we were moving west, to the western part of Ukraine, to the Carpathians. And the nature around the house has the same feeling, from the grandeur and order of the forest. And the fact that the steppe and the forest at once…

And the feelings at the end: calm, a little sad, and now we are forever separated by a blank wall….

Western assistance to Ukraine

I asked about Ukraine. At first, I saw how a strike was launched from across the continent (it is unclear where, missiles flying through the planet). A lot of American tanks are coming (bright day) A man in a business suit is sitting on the very first tank. It’s like they’re kicking out a Russian tank.

I have thoughts in my head: «I can’t understand why they declared World War 3 if they don’t really do anything. Why did they plant the angel of death ”if it’s the ambassador of peace?”

That Russian tank, as if defiantly turns the muzzle towards this man, as if to show that I can shoot at you now (the man is not afraid, there are a lot of tanks behind him). The Russian tank does nothing, turns back, swaying strangely, as if badly hit.

The day is bright, as if it were summer (ed. note: summer is a symbol of the time of the event). Then I hear a voice. «I want you to take a look» (as a request – identification of the body). Look at how he used to sit» Reveal, show a very mutilated human figure.

The head is unusually small, flattened with unusually small shoulders. The floor of the abdomen, up to the spine , is missing. One leg is missing, instead of a prosthesis. The ridge is intact. He’s barely breathing. They turn him around and you can see that he holds his back straight. They want to resuscitate and restore him.

Grandma is shocked at the way he looks . (A historian also told me the chronology of events in the world by year . I asked him 2 times, but I didn’t remember anything. I remember something about Spain and Korea. As if there could be a war in Korea (or with Korea), but that’s not for sure…

Understanding that the body is Ukraine. Amputated leg – previously occupied territories. There is no belly floor – these are conquered now. A disproportionately small head as a managerial apparatus is not strong enough and developed enough for a country like Ukraine and is also completely crushed. Ukraine will be in a very deplorable state. But she will be resuscitated and restored. The ridge has survived… And crippled, but holding on.

🔮#Prophecies of all dreams Information is available in the Dream Diary Application in the section “Dreams come true”; Predictions of the future based on information from the dreams of participants of the entire project, see the section of the application “Dreams come true” by tag: “Prophecies” about the future of Russia – 2024, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, world events and the future of Mankind;

The border of Ukraine and Belarus

There are screens like televisions in the sky, they show about the glorification of the heroes of Ukraine. The road is sandy, summer, border guards, several blue motorcycles with a sidecar. I go, immediately with someone (like my friends in a dream) young couples, 10 people in total, many are strangers to me, and my son, the real one, is with me. We walk through the field, towards the forest…

Then we go along the paths, then the roads are sandy, then a small mountain appears and I have an accelerated bike.

And before that, the light is blue and yellow in the sky on the right, then these black and white photos of the heroes of Ukraine on the right. There is a river or ditches to my left and the roads, and behind it the border guards. The mood is good, the day is sunny, when I passed this section, in general everything is fine, but my movement seemed to accelerate, like a tailwind. Then she was walking alone. In a light light summer dress (Ed. note: the time of realization of sleep is summer).

In the dream there were numbers, 53, 20.30

I was walking through the territory of Belarus right away, when in a dream there was a path, not a river, it was to my left. That is, Belarus, to the right of this sandy road, screens with the heroes of Ukraine in the sky. And it’s like Ukraine there. I remembered now that when I was already riding my bike forward into a small hill, it was like the European Union, and like some news was heard about Germany.

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