What do teeth in a dream mean, interpretation of teeth in dreams

What do teeth in a dream mean, interpretation of teeth in dreams

As symbols of dreams, teeth can have two main interpretations.

The first. It takes into account the rule of the «physiological aspect in dreams». It is better to either exclude it immediately or take it into account. If your teeth bothered you on the eve of sleep, you thought about them, about going to the dentist, in general, all the variations on the theme of teeth — your dream is a mental repetition. That’s it. There is no need to decipher anything further according to the dream book. The same applies to children’s dreams about teeth. Keep in mind that if children are at the age when their teeth change, then their dreams are a mental repetition.

The second option. Teeth are a symbol of sleep. In most cases, teeth mean relatives and people close enough to you. Your «circle» of communication.

Tooth loss dreams of the loss of someone close or friends (not necessarily immediately death). If a tooth fell out without blood in a dream, then perhaps someone from a close circle of friends or a very distant relative will «come out» (in this case, the teeth are «distant»).

Old teeth (and this concept is almost always present in a dream) are very adult and old relatives. The loss of such teeth means that an old person in the family will die. Or one of the distant old relatives.

Often, missing teeth without blood mean the loss of friends or acquaintances.

Teeth are «your closest social circle.» Despite the well-established opinion that any tooth necessarily means someone from the family, this is not the case. We have tracked hundreds of dreams that have come true, and the database on the project includes analytics of thousands of project participants, and came to the conclusion that teeth are those who are your circle of communication from day to day and plus relatives.

The location of the teeth in a dream and their characteristics.

By the location of the teeth, you can roughly determine that the front teeth are close relatives, friends, family members (not blood), and the far ones are far away. The upper ones are men, and the lower ones are women. Although, in our database of dream come true reports, there were exceptions. And the upper teeth subsequently meant women. But these were precisely the exceptions.

Indigenous people often mean relatives — relatives — blood relatives. The stronger the teeth, the younger the person in question. A dream about the loss or loss of a tooth with blood — the loss of a blood relative, sadness, grief.

Baby teeth in a dream indicate children or a teenager in the family.

It matters: a tooth fell out, it was knocked out, you yourself pulled out in a dream, and so on. For example, there are often dreams where people spit out their teeth because they interfere with them in their mouth. A normal dream, by the way.

Pulling out bad teeth for yourself is a refusal to communicate with toxic, destructive, and negatively impacting people. These can be both relatives, from whom a person is «going crazy», and friends-buddies. After such a dream, they either distance themselves or refuse to communicate at all. If a person pulls out or spits out his teeth himself, he will make the decision to stop communication himself.

Brushing your teeth in your sleep means that you will have to cope with difficulties on your own without help.

A child’s teeth falling out in your dream may mean the loss of someone from his blood, but not necessarily from a related line of the dreamer.

The child’s teeth grew in his sleep. Such a dream marks a large and profitable project or business if the child was unfamiliar in the dream.
If your child has grown teeth, it is a sign that in the future your child will be able to become famous, as well as become rich and famous. Here it is also necessary to exclude mental repetition (we will talk about it at the beginning).

Broken teeth lead to unforeseen complications that will have lasting consequences.
And teeth pulled out by someone — unfortunately because of other people’s actions, deeds and plans.
To be completely toothless in a dream is unfortunate and the loss of everything that was dear to you in your life.
Who has a toothless mouth in a dream, that’s what it’s about.

A tooth crumbled without blood in a dream — to worries and failures in business — if you are busy with some kind of project or focused on a goal at the time of sleep. In general, if teeth crumble in a dream, then your situation will soon be very unstable, circumstances will be stacked against you. And it will be very difficult to get out of the black life lane.

In other cases, if bad, rotten, diseased teeth crumble in a dream, sleep leads to diseases, diseases.

A tooth that wobbles in a dream is a warning sign about a precarious position in something. Remember what you were thinking about on the eve of sleep. Your dream may be a mental response.

Black teeth mean a person in your environment who can harm you, even threatening your lifestyle.

Tooth loss with blood is the death of a relative.

Artificial, false teeth (dentures) are lies, lying people in the environment who can harm you.

A missing sore tooth indicates the care of a person who was ill (was unwell).

If you have a toothache or teeth in a dream, then you will have a lot of worries for your relatives and (or) people close to you.

It is very good if you treated your teeth in a dream. There will be an opportunity to improve your affairs, get out of a difficult situation. If a doctor treated them in a dream, then someone will help you in life.

If a seal falls out in your dream, then expect obstacles and delays in matters that are very important to you. If you see a good seal in a dream, the cases in which there was a malfunction will be fine.

If in a dream you changed bad teeth for good ones, then everything in life will change dramatically for the better. And vice versa. If you dreamed that crowns were put on, false teeth were made — expect betrayal and deception from people who are close to you.

In general, if in a dream you saw that you somehow got a new tooth: it grew, you just found it in yourself and so on and it is better than the previous one — wait for big and good changes in life. There may be a new addition to the family.

Another very good sign in a dream is to spit out unnecessary, bad, interfering teeth from your mouth for some reason (yourself, that is, not when the teeth fell out, broke off, fell out, and so on, but when exactly you got rid of them yourself).

Such a dream is a sign of victory over many troubles and enemies.

To dream of someone else’s missing tooth — to the news of the death of the one whose tooth, or his relatives.

If in a dream you saw your teeth covered in blood (but the teeth themselves are in place) — the dream leads to quarrels or proceedings with relatives. If the teeth themselves are beautiful and whole, then it is possible that the questions will relate to money, profit, income, property.

Beautiful, healthy teeth in a dream lead to a rich and happy life, as well as good health. To see white and even teeth leads to a prosperous family life.

If you dream of crowns and something is stuck in your teeth. The option when you do not have crowns in reality is a dream means discord and squabbles in the family between relatives or someone from a close circle of acquaintances (a rotten person)..

But if you dream of real crowns, then rather you perceive the information that there are problems with them and it’s time to go to the doctor.

It is worth noting that according to the analysis of dreams come true, it is worth considering the following:

— if the tooth itself falls out, disappears, then a certain person will also «leave» himself;

— if you spit out, pull out, pull out a tooth yourself, in reality you will decide to break up with someone;

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