What does a dog in a dream mean, spiritual meaning of a dog

What does a dog in a dream mean, spiritual meaning of a dog

A dog in a dream is always someone who is nearby, close. Enters or has entered your environment and has been and (or) remains a friend. In any case, this is a person with whom you have been, are or will be friends, comrades, good acquaintances.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account (as always in dreams) the whole context. Apart from the fact that dogs are always friends, this symbol has one feature. And not even alone. If there is an understanding in a dream that a dog is a male, then the dream is about a man. Bitch (bitch) to a woman.

Yes, dogs, like all animals in dreams, are the prototype of a person in reality. In some cases, it is an indication of a person’s character in life. In others, his «animal» nature is only in certain life circumstances. That is, the temporary manifestation of certain character traits as a reaction to a situation in life.

So dogs are friends. The peculiarity is that angry and attacking dogs are former friends. ⠀
For example, when people communicated well, were friends, were colleagues and found mutual understanding. And then suddenly, for some reason, they are against you.

Therefore, do not look for angry, barking, attacking dogs from the plot of your dream among strangers. Look among your own. There is an exception, as in any other rule. It is like this. If you know in a dream that a «new» dog is a new friend. There is always such information in dreams.

The color of the dog will have a resemblance to a certain appearance. And not only. Each pair of these animals has a certain character. That’s exactly how it will take place in the manifestation of your friend’s character traits in life.

Sometimes the same friend or girlfriend (the sex of the dog is also directly related to the sex of a person) can be dogs of different breeds in different circumstances in a dream.

To see a dog in a dream — to the news or the appearance of a friend, a meeting with him.

Fluffy dogs are gentle, caring and affectionate friends, girlfriends.

A black dog is a possible enemy disguised as a friend.
If the dog is red-haired, the dream indicates a friend from the circle of close people (more often relatives). If you dream about the news of the death of a ginger dog, the dream may be a harbinger of unhappiness with someone close to you.

The white dog is a devoted and faithful friend.

The breed, color, size of the dog can also characterize the person himself (cause associations) of his characteristic features in life: height, physiological characteristics, character.

An evil dog means an enemy and can symbolize future conflict, quarrel, proceedings. A mad dog is a symbol of a sworn enemy.

Noble dogs in a dream indicate devoted and faithful friends, as well as characterize people as intelligent, intelligent, educated, talented, successful.

Puppies of a dog are your friends who are either younger in age or status in relation to you. To take care of a puppy is to help, take care of someone close, familiar. If there are several puppies, in the same way it is a certain group of acquaintances, your wards in any respect.

A hungry dog is a lack of communication with friends (or some specific friend).

The dog is in the blood — you will learn about the trouble, the troubles of a friend.

Your dog that died (at the time of the dream) in a dream is a symbol of protection. As a rule, dreams occur in moments of emotion. Because our dogs always feel and know in life without words that the owner is ill. Often in life, it is pets who «take on» the blow, taking it away from us.

Dogs barking — conversations with friends. Such barking, such talk. If the dog barked and growled in a dream, then the dream leads to a quarrel with a friend. Joyful barking is the news of success. Barking between dogs leads to a scandal. To see dogs fighting in a dream means a scandal.

A dog on a chain is your friend who is limited in his actions, including with respect to you. If the dog is angry on a chain, sleep means that you have an enemy (a former friend or a two-faced acquaintance from whom you do not expect a blow), but he cannot harm you.

Kissing a dog in a dream is a way to meet a friend. This does not apply to dreamers who have a dog and communicate very often and closely with it. In this case, the dreamed dog means itself, and its actions are a reflection of a direct relationship with the owner. Kissing in dreams symbolizes true intention, reflecting primarily inner feelings for another person and, in this case, for an animal.

If you are stroking or caressing a dog yourself in a dream, a dream means that you want to achieve someone’s friendship, communication, mutual understanding. And indeed, you tenderly treat some friend.

Sick, injured, dying dogs are an indication of problems, troubles of friends or relatives.

Wet, dirty and ugly dogs are a sign that one of your friends is feeling bad right now. This man found himself in a difficult position.

A dog running away from you means a break in a relationship with some friend or acquaintance.

A dead, dead dog in a dream can mean a complete breakup of a relationship with one of your friends.

A big, kind, beautiful dog is an allegory of a «great friend».

A dog bite promises disappointment in a friend or his betrayal. A mark from a wound or bite of a dog is a grudge for an insult or undeserved remarks, the consequences of quarrels, conflicts or real injuries (if the wound is in the blood).

A dog’s head in a dream means unhappiness with a friend (or with a former friend).

An aggressive dog jumping at you in a dream leads to a quarrel with a friend or lover.

If a dog chased you in a dream, and you felt fear, fright — a friend will betray you.

A doghouse or a doghouse is a symbol of straitened circumstances in which a dream character who was related to it may soon find himself.

Beautiful dogs — for pleasant communication, good news from their friends.

Walking with a dog is a way to meet a loved one.

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